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Project Rome will unlock your compelling story and refresh your communications & engagement

Leaving stakeholders with the right impression is a complex business but we know how to do just that. Project Rome offer a bespoke service covering all aspects of communications that will fit to your corporate strategy. We specialise in communicating in complex environments and settings and like to work on defined projects where we can establish clear objectives. Over the past 18 months we have worked with market leaders in sectors as diverse as international pharma and office supplies to improve their communication. We provide three types of service:

  1. Campaigns with impact
  2. Communications audit and refresh
  3. Threats and crisis

1. Campaigns with impact

Project Rome deliver campaigns that make an impact. We aim to raise awareness and persuade targeted stakeholders to stop, start or do something differently. We measure our effectiveness against meaningful metrics such as share of mind and net promotion. We have been commissioned to deliver public affairs and policy campaigns, create and engage with communities of interest in contemporary ways and improve internal communication performance.

2. Communications refresh, audit and recommendations

Sometimes you need an external expert opinion to help you define your path forward. Project Rome has delivered audits with recommendations for clients who are considering the impact of digital change and are looking to get ahead of competitors. We leave you with a written report and a series of costed remedies to consider that link back to your strategic purpose and intent.

3. Threats and crisis

It is not a risk worth taking to not be prepared. We have hands-on experience of sitting in the hot-seat in some of the UK’s biggest media storms. No one wants it to happen but Project Rome can help you before, during and after the event. We will help you prepare, create usable reference material, run as-live simulations including interviews with real reporters and politicians. If a crisis does happen, we have the experience required to support and advise (24/7). Project Rome will also help you recover your ground and start to re-build.

Our Specialities

  • Campaigns with Impact
    • Engagement
    • Public Affairs
    • Internal and External PR
  • Threats and Crisis
  • Creating better content
  • Communications health check


Whether you wish to raise awareness of your product or idea or improve perceptions Project Rome can help you change opinions. Or want to run a meaningful consultation Project Rome will design, assist and/or deliver effective campaigns for our clients.

  • We supply fully integrated campaigns with flexible enough to work across all forums and channels including print, broadcast and social media and if necessary we will help you put your case to political and regulatory audiences.
  • We run consultations. We can either support part or the whole of the process from ensuring better participation rates, collecting and analysing ideas, views and contributions and developing mitigations with you that will leave your audience feeling part of the solution rather than the problem. We champion modern methods and channels of engagement because the results are of a higher quality, projects can be delivered more quickly and are less open to challenge.
  • Project Rome can also provide all the PR and Marketing support required.


No matter who you are (big or small) one killer risk to your operation is loss of reputation. A crisis may be a rare event but it’s not a risk worth taking to be ill- prepared. We know how to mitigate reputational risk and moreover have hands-on experience of sitting in the hot-seat in some of the UK’s biggest media storms. No one wants it to happen but Project Rome can help you before, during and after the event:

  • We understand how risk registers work and will help you prepare
  • We create and produce effective and usable manuals and documentation
  • We will run realistic simulations including mock interviews with real reporters and expert politicians
  • If a crisis does happen, we have the experience require to give you realistic real-time support and advice (24/7)
  • Project Rome will also help you recover. You don't want to be evasive, but equally you can't live in the past


We’d all love to have the luxury of time and resources to spend on creating quality content. And now with the explosion of new media it’s not just a question of having time to sit at a computer creating prose – you have to film, record and illustrate in all kinds of different ways. Project Rome have put together a team of experts who want to spend time getting all this right for you. Not only will we create better content to your specification, we can get it produced for you too if you require. And all at competitive prices, we might not be the cheapest you can get hold of but we are the best quality.

  • Regular ghost blogging
  • Digital response and letter-writing
  • Promotional films
  • Website and magazine copy
  • Tender writing
  • Proposals
  • Story boarding and writing for IPO
  • Award and prizes application
  • Marketing materials


Project Rome will audit your communications strategy, comparing you against the best in the business and leaving you with a written report and a series of costed remedies to improve your effectiveness. This product comes as standard within our bespoke service and commercial strategy offer. It has been used to great effect by businesses, NHS hospitals and clean-tech start ups. It’s a truly flexible health check that leads to actionable results.

  • Helps you choose the best digital communications path to take and help you through set-up and operation
  • Assists you to decide whether to refresh or revolutionise your website
  • Helps your team update their skills with modern methods training
  • Suggests meaningful metrics that satisfy you and integrate with mainstream activities
  • Develops and tests your brand proposition
  • Assists you to create or update your communications strategy and implementation plan
  • If required, provides on-going practical support and/or external testing of effectiveness

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