Why Project Rome?

Naming a consultancy is never an easy task, I can completely understand why people fall back on the initials of the founders; its easy and has a classical elegance to it. But which way around should you have it?

  • MPS … too Westminster
  • SMP … HR statutory benefit and shockingly close to a Nationalist Party
  • PMS .. urrr.

Then of course you grow and have to add another letter (MPSB) and you start sounding like a faceless multi-national banking agency and wherever your place that extra letter it just doesn’t scan – no thanks.

We could name this entity after what we do  – we have a hod-load of expertise and a number of sectors we know well.  If we call the company “Due Diligence” or “Change Management”, apart from deserving a slap, we’ll not get over to prospective clients the breadth of ability we have.  We don’t want to be hampered by a misperception of our own making. Anyway, its where our skills and expertise converge that we should add most value. Okay, what about how we do our work? But name yourself like this and you start to sound like an abandoned product line at Co-op bank. Add-value-but-with-a-heart.com

Next on the list – location. I’ve worked at one of those too. It’s an interesting trick for business psyche that when you name a consultancy after a place in London no one bats an eyelid. Name it after a place in the North and you’re subconsciously ruling yourself out of competing for business beyond the county boundary; think about it: “Frickley PR”?

… no, that doesn’t work either; none of that works; we want to be the company to which all roads lead … Wait! That’s it! This Project has to be called Rome.