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If you want to know what is really going on in the Northern political scene then Northern Agenda will tell you. What our clients find invaluable about the Agenda is it looks forward, and is tailored to your interests. We ask our correspondents to write ahead of events as that allows our clients an opportunity to be proactive rather than report on to their stakeholders on what has past. We currently sell Northern Agenda to FSTE 100 companies and blue chip Public Relations firms, we have also had interest from law firms and accountants. Our clients either white label the content to pass on with our blessing, our keep it in this easy to digest format, either way the Agenda provides you with all you need to know about politics in the North on a couple of sides of A4 without being driven mad by RSS.

The samples below show the first three pages from previous additions. The usual publication 12-16 sheets, and is delivered each month looking forward to the events of the month ahead. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch: Kathryn@projectrome.co.uk

The self-styled ‘coalition of the willing’ will meet again before the end of August to agree the next steps on taking the agenda forward.

August 2017 Edition

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As the new northern Metro Mayors in the North-West and North-East get to work on delivering their manifesto pledges, we’ll focus our attention on Yorkshire,.

July 2017 Edition

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Where to begin? The most unexpected election result in living memory left political pundits and campaigners across the North scratching their heads, and pollsters with their heads in their hands, again.

Election Special Edition

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Manchester suffer from terror attack, Manchester had an elected mayor in office and Andy Burnham was able to put into words the humanity and resilience of the people of England’s second city.

June 2017 Edition

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Although last month’s Northern Agenda failed to predict the General Election announcement the emerging trend amongst Labour candidates, in borrowing President Trump’s campaign slogans, was clearly identified.

May 2017 Edition

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Donald Trump has probably never heard of Doncaster but his successful Presidential election campaign slogan has certainly made an impact amongst the town’s burghers.

April 2017 Edition

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Greater Manchester combined authority choose one of their own to be new CEO,

March 2017 Edition

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Let’s change tack this month and start by analysing the latest devolution wrangling between the warring Yorkies.

February 2017 Edition

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Let’s start this month to the west of the Pennines in the land of the red rose.

December 2016 Edition

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